My 12 Favourite Problems

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman once wrote that his approach to problem-solving was to carry around a dozen interesting problems, and a dozen interesting solutions to unrelated problems, and eventually he'd be able to make connections between the two.

What he was really talking about was giving your subconscious permission to get to work. Once you know your favourite problems, your mind will look for answers while you're focusing on something else.

Here are the problems that are currently at the top of my mind. They're in no particular order but I've tried to make sure there's a balance between the personal, professional and “sharpen the saw”.

How can I:

  1. Better develop strategies to maximise impact on my organisation's mission?
  2. Create an energised, committed and effective team that repeatedly delivers success?
  3. Make sure I retain my individual competitive advantage in my career?
  4. Stay plugged into what’s happening around me, within my organisation, my industry, and my profession?
  5. Utilise mental models to improve my thinking and decision-making?
  6. Develop systems and processes to optimise my productivity?
  7. Create a portfolio of income streams to sustain the lifestyle I want for my family?
  8. Continue to build a loving and committed marriage that gives us the strength to handle whatever the world decides to throw at us?
  9. Raise my children to make sure they're equipped with the skills they'll need to grow into happy and successful adults?
  10. Foster relationships that compound with strength over time?
  11. Seamlessly incorporate exercise and nutrition into my daily life to ensure I remain at my peak for as long as possible?
  12. Use mindfulness and meditation to maintain my focus and control my attention and emotions?

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