Working With The Garage Door Up

Working with the garage door up is the idea of creating in public in order to invite feedback and criticism at the earliest stage of the process. By allowing people to look in on what's being created as it's being created, it gives the creator the ability to engage the people they're developing for and build something more meaningful for their audience.

In the traditional sense, it's the local band practicing in a garage where an impromptu audience can form outside, or it's the woodworker keeping the door of his workshop open so passers-by can see what he's working on today.

In the digital age, it's posting article ideas and drafts as threads on Twitter, or building a digital garden where you can do your thinking in public instead of within the cover of a Moleskine notebook.

Working with the garage door up is also really closely linked to the “build in public” movement recently gaining popularity with tech founders documenting their journeys on places like Twitter and Indie Hackers.

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